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Home Remedies For Bunion Pain You Can Try At Home

Home remedies for Bunion Pain You Can Try At Home

We highly recommend before you think about going down the surgical route of bunion surgery you should try all the conservative options and treatments offered within the Foot Health Profession.  Surgery is a serious option and for some the only route but for the majority of bunion pain sufferers home remedies work well and prevent and correct bunion and big toe joints so everyday life is pain free.
For further advice and assistance seek help from your local Foot Health Professional.
But for immediate help and painfree bunions try our 10 Steps to Pain Free Bunions Plan below here you will discover ten easy steps to eliminate bunion pain today.

1: The First step is to wear a Gel Toe Spreader why not try wearing  a Gel Toe Spreader in between your big toe and second toe these are ideal for summer the silicone spreaders  slip in comfortably in between the toes and gently corrects and separates the toe toes from friction and rubbing together.

2: Whilst you sleep wear a pair of bunion Night Splints.  Night Time Bunion Splints are designed to realign and straighten painful bunions and stop the big and second toe from rubbing and   crossing over.  The idea of night time bunion splints is to stop the two toes from pushing together. 

3: Protect and correct Bunions try using a 2 in 1 Bunion Spreader and Protectors, these new podiatry supports have a 2 in 1 purpose very popular for people with bunion corns and bunion pain and hammer toes. They are comfortable to wear and they have a build in bunion toe spreader to straighten and separate the bunion toe and hammer toe and also a bunion shield which sits over the bunion joint and stops blisters and corns from forming.

4: For painful feet at work these fit under socks or tights and are ideal for people standing and walking for long periods of time.

The Bunion Protection Pad can be used on both feet. It does not correct deformation, only provides excellent pain relief and protection.
Bunion Protection Pad (protection for Hallux Valgus) provides excellent protection to the sensitive bunion area. The gel pad alleviates pressure and friction on the bunion.

5: Use an Arch Insoles in your shoes,
For total foot protection and alignment insoles will correct your body and position your feet in their natural position, cushioning joints , the ball of the foot and the heels allowing you to walk and stand correctly and comfortably,.
6: Separate the toes in the first place, try gel seperators in between your toes, they will prevent friction between toes, stop corns and blisters, and callous forming, these are smaller then gel spreaders and are discreet in open shoes.

7: Ice Relief trick a cheap and easy treatment, place a bag of ice on to the bunion area for 10 minutes to stop throbbing painful bunions,  or place in a bucket of ice (not for the fainthearted).
Or why not try a joint cream like the epitact joint relief cream effective on arthritic joints, throbbing swollen bunions this will soothe and relax aching and inflamed bunion joints.

8: Tight shoes causing bunion corns can be eliminated by applying soft bunion felt pads, these solid fleecy web pads are placed over the bunion joint allowing the foot to sit comfortably in footwear and stops the burning and friction pain that usually occurs in uncomfortable shoes.

9: Bunion Corns and Blisters can be stopped, using gel corn relief patches, these are pefect for already calloused or painful corns on the bunion joint.  Stronger and thicker lined gel patches are thin enough to wear in everyday footwear and will prevent corns from becoming infected.

10: Aching Feet and Legs At Bedtime can be relaxed and soothed removing the aching and throbbing from your day at work by applying a evening revitalising cream for legs and feet. The cream will leave your legs stress free and revitalised.

For more bunion pain home remedies and bunion pain help visit us and learn how easy it is to eliminate pain and walk pain free using professional bunion treatments. 

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